PPS’s Top 5 Rated Skaters from the AMBHL’s Southern Division eligible for the 2010 WHL Bantam Draft

  1. M. Klimchuk (F)
    Calgary Bisons
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  2. J. Merkley (F)
    Calgary Bisons

  3. T. White (F)
    Airdrie Xtreme

  4. J. Lees (D)
    Calgary Northstar Sabres

  5. J. Watson (F)
    Calgary Bronks

2009 NHL Entry Draft/SMWW Career Conference Recap

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Thursday June 24

I arrived in Montreal on Thursday June 24 at about 5pm. As part of the Sports Management Worldwide Career Conference I needed to be at the Best Western Europa between 6pm and 6:30pm for a meet and greet. I checked into my hotel room by 5:30pm, time to spare, until…I realized that I couldn’t find my cell phone. After 10 or 15 minutes of ripping my hotel room apart, I decided to head to the SMWW meet and greet.

In my frustration I misread the directions to the Best Western Europa which added at least 10 minutes to the walk. Not the best start to the weekend. When I finally arrived, at about 6:10pm I walked into a media scrum with one of the guest speakers for the meet and greet, Brian Burke, General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was neat to see this in person. Among the many media figures present were the likes of Pierre LeBrun, a regular on Hockey Night in Canada’s Hotstove, and Michael Farber, a regular on TSN’s The Reporters and columnist for Sports Illustrated.

Joining Brian Burke as speakers at the meet and greet were his son Patrick who is an amateur scout for the Philadelphia Flyers, and longtime general manager and current senior consultant with the Boston Bruins, Harry Sinden.

Harry Sinden joined the fray about halfway through the one hour session due to a late flight. To have the opportunity to hear these hockey icons tell us of getting started in the game was fantastic however even better, was the question/answer session afterwards. As always you get some people asking irrelevant questions but thankfully nobody asked Brian about the Todd Bertuzzi/Steve Moore incident this year…yes someone asked him about it last year at the conference, talk about being able to hear a pin drop! For the most part both the questions and answers were very insightful. Of all that was discussed I enjoyed hearing some of Harry’s stories from decades past when things were much different in the game. His story of his first NHL draft was very interesting, representatives from each team sitting around a boardroom table at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, quite similar to a live fantasy pool draft. No players, parents, or fans, just the members of hockey’s boys club, their lists of players and I would guess a beverage or two.

After the panel left I met up with Dennis McCarroll from RinkNet Scouting. I first met Dennis at last year’s conference in Ottawa and he actually hired me to film game footage of WHL draft eligible players during the 2008-09 season. It was nice to catch up with him. During our conversation Dennis informed me that the filming that I did really helped them out and that a video I did on Justin Sefton, an OHL draft eligible player was the most watched video of all of the OHL eligible players.

That’s it for day one of three; the next few days look to be exciting, hopefully without any hiccups.

Day 1  |  Day 2  |  Day 3