PPS’s Top 5 Rated Skaters from the AMBHL’s Southern Division eligible for the 2010 WHL Bantam Draft

  1. M. Klimchuk (F)
    Calgary Bisons
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  2. J. Merkley (F)
    Calgary Bisons

  3. T. White (F)
    Airdrie Xtreme

  4. J. Lees (D)
    Calgary Northstar Sabres

  5. J. Watson (F)
    Calgary Bronks

Top 20 Rated AMBHL Southern Alberta skaters for the 2010 WHL Entry Draft:

  1. Morgan Klimchuk (F) Calgary Bisons
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  2. Jay Merkley (F) Calgary Bisons

  3. Torrin White (F) Airdrie Xtreme

  4. Jesse Lees (D) Calgary Northstar Sabre

  5. Jamal Watson (F) Calgary Bronks

  6. Josh Morrissey (D) Calgary Royals Gold
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  7. Joel Topping (D) Red Deer Rebels (Black)

  8. Cole Ully (F) Calgary Bronks

  9. Jared Hauf (D) Calgary Bronks

  10. Luke Phillip (F) Airdrie Xtreme

  11. Presten Kopeck (F) Medicine Hat Hounds

  12. Clay Spencer (F) Lethbridge Golden Hawks

  13. Ryan Chynoweth (F) Lethbridge Golden Hawks

  14. Dillon Heatherington (D) Calgary Bronks

  15. Chandler Irving (D) Airdrie Xtreme

  16. Braeden Salverda (F) Calgary Bisons

  17. Riley Whittingham (F) Calgary Northstar Sabres

  18. Chad Labelle (F) Calgary Northstar Sabres

  19. John Edwardh (F) Calgary Bisons

  20. Cade Owad (F) Calgary Northstar Sabres