PPS’s Top 5 Rated Skaters from the AMBHL’s Southern Division eligible for the 2010 WHL Bantam Draft

  1. M. Klimchuk (F)
    Calgary Bisons
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  2. J. Merkley (F)
    Calgary Bisons

  3. T. White (F)
    Airdrie Xtreme

  4. J. Lees (D)
    Calgary Northstar Sabres

  5. J. Watson (F)
    Calgary Bronks

Top 20 Rated AMBHL Southern Alberta skaters for the 2010 WHL Entry Draft:

  1. James Fisk Airdrie Xtreme

  2. Coleman Vollrath Calgary Bisons

  3. Anthony Hamill Red Deer Rebels (White)

  4. Nick Crisanti Calgary Bronks

  5. Will Heseltine Calgary Royals Gold